The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Peer Support Program (PSP) is dedicated to assist agency personnel with Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) services, specifically confidential peer support assistance. Recognizing that while performing daily first responder duties, agency personnel become involved in and are exposed to incidents that have the potential to cause various forms of short and/or long-term emotional trauma. The PSP is designed to help in following areas: peer support during times of personal and/or professional stress, early intervention to help mitigate the impacts of stress, referral to program services, and education-based training.

Michigan CISM Laws (MCL 333.20981, 333.20982, and 333.20983) provides Peer Support Program Team Members with the ability to speak to agency employees in a confidential and privileged manner – see OCSO Policy and Procedure 326 for more information.

Agency personnel can initiate services themselves or refer others to a PSP Team Member in a confidential manner by emailing the confidential email, contacting Lt Todd Hill directly, or contacting any of the PSP Team Members.